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May 7, 2009
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Update: Fixed the bug that makes bonus features loose their hit detection when balls left are zero. It turned out to be a if test to much.

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One year after the first game, it's time for a new version of Voyager Breakout. Pause menu, new designed levels, new music. Here is the result. A tribute to Star Trek, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The idea:
I was watching Star Trek Voyager when it came to me: "Had it not been fun to make this game with a Star Trek Computer interface? So I did."

There are in all 8 levels:
1 Level = Very classic
2 Level = Stream stage
3 Level = Invaders
And 5 more!

For each level the paddle are getting smaller and the ball goes faster.

Enter the menu by pressing the spacebar. Press space to close it again.

Look up for the bonus feature. The bonus ball will give you 2 balls at the screen, but the pink ball will give you 4x of normal points and double the normal ball. If you hit a bonus with the ball you get 50+.
The other bonus will give you a bigger paddle. It will small again if you lose the blue ball. If you lose the blue ball, but still got the pink ball, the pink ball will become the blue one, but the paddle will return to normal if it's big.

If you find errors or bugs, please tell me. If you think it's still to few levels, tell me (My goodness, you have played to much!).
*Updated some of the levels. Less blinking. Refresh browser or empty your browsers memory.*

Original game: [link]

My record as StianTheCreater: 2979 Level 7
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In my opinion this big update gets a lot of things right in contrast to the author's earlier versions.

There's a fine balance between making the game easy enough for some and hard enough for others. And I must say that this game does exactly that without having to ask the player what difficulty he or she wishes. (Which isn't easy to know if you haven't played the game first either.)

Some players instinctively goes the safe way and focuses everything on keeping that one ball in the air, whilst more advanced players might be relieved to have the option of juggling two balls at once taking down bricks and pursuing all the bonuses. This goes hand in hand with the old game designer mantra of, "easy to learn hard to master."

Adding to this the blinking bricks and suddenly appearing bonuses helps break things up from getting too repetitive. Somehow managing to get a ball inside a blinking wall of bricks and seeing the ball wreck the bricks feels quite satisfying.

Furthermore its visual identity help distance it from all those other remakes out there, and even adds to the mood of the game by providing a Star Trek context. It's almost as if one can imagine this game is a product of a Starship Enterprise engineer wanting to duel the crew. A compelling story could be spun here.

Needless to say the game could have undergone countless of revisions from here, but the important part is that the author managed to nail that compelling & fun game experience that felt balanced. Mission complete.
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