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Submitted on
August 28, 2007
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I had a dream last night.
In a forest not far from home I was
The sky was bright the sky was clear
I felt the smell of pine trees in my nose

I was not human anymore
My fur was red like autumn leaves
And my chest white as cream
But my eyes were still blue

There I stood on the mountain top
looking at the forest below
In the middle of the forest many towers rose
they danced in the sun light

Below the towers a city lied.
From it a fountain stood
The water jumped in the sky
They looked like diamonds in the sunlight

Black spots moved back and forward
people there had to be or at least something living
The square houses were of marble
and out of them the grass grew green

As I stood there another fox came to me
Her fur was red but darker than mine
Her eyes was green as emerald
and her voice as sweet as a rill

"Come, let me show you my city"
She ran, I ran after her. We ran trough the forest
over streams of water and a bridge
We ran and ran and I felt alive

Then we stopped at the gates of the city
Two trees stood as pillars being the gates to the city
She looked at me and said
"Come, let me show you my city"

We went through the city
and I saw animals of all kinds
Not as animals you see, the zoo I promise
but as humans doing their work like always

Children played and danced
The animals talked to each other about the weather
and not a worry on their minds that mattered
They all surrounded the fountain in the city.

We walked around in the city
She showed me the highest tower
Around her neck, I had not noticed
that a beautiful crystal in a necklace was hanging

We sat down at the fountain
and she moved closer
She looked at me and asked
"Do you like it?"

Then she moved closer
her tail touch mine and
we kissed for the very first time.
The world was spinning

I held her tight
I would not let go
I knew what I had found
My true love

Then the sky became darker
and I felt fear going through my heart
I looked at my love
and tears ran from her eyes

"Farewell my love.
Never forget me. Do not dare.
Farewell my love, I will not forget you.
And never forget, that I love you"

I held her tight, but she broke loose
She ran away, I ran after her
The world grew darker and it faded away
then I woke up, all sweaty in my bed.

The very next morning, a Sunday I think
I ran out in the forest, to the mountain in my dream
But all I could see was the forest below
No tower No Town, nothing to see.

I ran down to the spot where the gate should be
but all that was there was two broken roots
of some very old trees.
I went past them in hope of seeing some more.

Then I saw it, and tears came to my eye
I saw the fountain, covered in mesh and leaves
It was all that was left
of a once great city

On the other side of the fountain
I had not noticed a fox was standing
Its eyes was green emerald
and it's fur as red as the leaves

It ran away, I ran after
then I fell hard and heavy
There I lied flat and stooped
I rised my head and looked forward

There it stood and looked on me
Around its neck, I had not noticed
a beautiful crystal in a necklace was hanging
then a rilling voice spoke

"Farewell my love. We won't meet again.
Never forget me. Do not dare.
Farewell my love, I will not forget you.
And never forget, that I love you"

Then she ran away
And I saw her nevermore.
The story just came to me and I wrote it down as best as I could.

My very first poem on Deviant art. Please comment, please crique, I could realy need some good tips to how I could done this better.

I'm planning to illustrate it.
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If only some of our dreams could come true, very beautiful, thought out story and I love the picture that goes with it *beautiful*.
rodrev Oct 11, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
True, thank you :)
It's very interesting and well put-together... I like it.
rodrev Sep 6, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :D
RedRodent Sep 4, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Wow, beautifully related in this free form poem. I couldn't stop reading! :aww: Such a beautiful, but sad story... Wonderful job. This is exceptional!
rodrev Sep 5, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much. It means a lot to me :)
Squall179 Aug 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I can see that play out in my head as I read it...its beautiful
rodrev Aug 29, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you liked it mate :) I hope to illustrate it in the future.
EgonEagle Aug 28, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Intressant historia. :clap:
rodrev Aug 29, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Takk skal du ha :) Jeg hå;per å få illustrert den i fremtiden.
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